The Lunchbox Packaging

School lunches. Ugh. Can we get a collective eye-roll from all of the parents out there?

Let’s be honest, unless you are the super-mom (or dad) who gets a kick out of using cold-cuts and veggies as an art medium to create whimsical, edible characters for your child, packing lunches for school each day is not a favorite chore of most parents. From stocking up on healthy options that your child will eat, to remembering to actually pack said meal during the daily rush, 180 days of bagged lunches can prove to be a real pain. Or, there's always the good ol' school lunch from the cafeteria...

So. What to do?

Lunchbox Meals

We are very excited to announce a solution for the young’uns. “The Lunchbox” was developed by our chefs with your child’s nutrition and tastes in mind. So it’s easy to provide your little ones with gluten-free meals that contain no antibiotics, soy, added sugars or hormones. Our beef is 100% grass-fed and finished. Pork and chicken is pasture-raised. Produce is organic and contains no GMOs.

Our Lunchboxes contain 4 healthy components and are available for order with any adult Subscription as individual add-ons. Or, you can select a stand alone subscription to feed only the kids. Meals arrive refrigerated and DO NOT need to be heated prior to eating.