Robert Gusek

Here's a testimonial from our good friend Robert. Robert reached out to us with his appreciation for our service, and his results. Which, as you can see, are pretty amazing. Our crew was so stoked to hear of his success, we shot him back the following pic. Nicely done, Robert! Cheers and thanks so much for your service!


I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful meals. I started a wellness program at WellQ here in Winston Salem about 4 months ago. One of the things that they recommended is that I change how I was eating, which was mostly fast food all the time. She recommended The Good Kitchen because you used all naturally sourced and locally grown foods, without any additives or preservatives. I am on the 14 meal plan which covers my lunch and dinner for each week, and I have to say that I absolutely love the meals. They are quick and easy to fix, and the containers they come in are awesome for just throwing into the Microwave and heating them up. The variety and deliciousness of the meals cannot be beat. I’ve made a complete 180 on my lifestyle changes for eating and so far I’ve lost 41 lbs just by changing what I am eating. I’ve also been able to eliminate completely one of the diabetes medications I’ve been taking and drastically reduce the other. My doctor and I both feel that eventually I’ll be able to eliminate all my diabetes medications. My cholesterol has had a huge improvement and my blood pressure has gone down. And I’ve saved the best for last. During the majority of this time I’ve been in a wheelchair due to an injury I had back in January, but I still lost weight and I feel absolutely awesome!!!!

TGK CrewI’ve been telling everyone I know about your meals, and people are jealous when I heat them up at work because they smell so good (and they taste good, but I’m stingy and won’t share them, I tell them to get their own subscription).

I’m looking forward each week to see what your chef’s have prepared, and it’s amazing how good the meals are. I’m looking forward to see how much I’ll eventually lose, and the best part is the food is so good and satisfying I don’t feel like snacking or eating more like I used to.

Also losing all the weight has really made it easier on my injury, and on my ‘bad’ knee that I injured in the Air Force.

I’ve enclosed some pictures of what I looked like when I started, and what I look like today.

Thank you so much!!

~ Bob Gusek