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The One Small Change That Will Slash Our Carbon Footprint

The Good Kitchen is reducing our carbon footprint by using (p)re-cycled liners among other fully recyclable packaging elements.

The power of TGK is how far we can go – quite literally. We ship meals to customers all over the United States. With meals reaching TGK fans who live as far away as Seattle, we started to recognize the power of our social and cultural footprint. We can make a difference in lives far beyond North Carolina.


That power to ship those distances got us thinking about a different kind of impact, as well - our carbon footprint.


Several weeks ago, we rolled out our new liners. It was a strategic and conscious move we made because we wanted to reduce our carbon footprint with a product that was not only built with pre-recycled material, but also maintained the integrity of the product.


Turns out that the advantages to our new liners hold true to some of TGK’s strongest values.


We are committed to making your life easier.


These new, lightweight liners are made almost 100% from recycled drink bottles; which means you can recycle them in your everyday, curbside bin. No special, out-of-the-way weekend trips to the recycling center. Keep it simple and save yourself some time and energy  - recycle them at home.


We believe in sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions.


These new liners feature print work done with water-based ink, eliminating solvent-based systems that give off volatile organic compounds which means they’re a water-solvent solution that’s safer and friendlier towards Mother Earth.


As well, these new liners were produced in Statesville, North Carolina – less than 45 miles north of our HQ in Charlotte which means we leaned into a more local solution and a smaller, carbon footprint.


We’re not messing around.  


If you weren’t sure we were serious, how about this – we consider these new liners to be thermal shipping solutions. In tests, these new liners maintained a sub-40 degree temperature (which is the USDA’s minimum) for 50 hours in 100+ degree heat. It doesn’t get more legit than that.





Check out this video in which Customer Advocate Tayler Harris discusses how to recycle TGK's packaging.


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