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TB12 Performance Meals

Peak performance is the result of every decision you make, and how you choose to fuel your body is one of the most impactful decisions on the list.

We know it can seem impossible to balance taste, convenience, and nutrition, so the culinary experts at The Good Kitchen have teamed up with TB12, a health and fitness company co-founded by Tom Brady and Alex Guerrero and inspired by Tom Brady’s nutrition regime, to do this balancing act for you. TGK and TB12 share a common belief in the healing power of nutrition. We also believe that healthy eating shouldn’t have to be hard. That’s why we’ve joined forces: to make top-tier nutrition accessible to everyone, whether you’re a desk-jockey or a pro athlete. 

Our new line of TB12 Performance Meals taste great, are ready to eat in under five minutes, and are full of nutrient-rich whole foods and clean, sustainably sourced protein –– making that critical decision about how to fuel your body an easy one.

Give TB12 Performance Meals a try by ordering a sample pack!

No celebrity nutritionists required. No tracking macros or counting calories. No elitist price tag, just elite nutrition.

“Since launching The Good Kitchen, we have been dedicated to changing the way people think about food and are thrilled to be partnering with TB12 in our joint pursuit of making health and wellness accessible to all. TB12’s Performance Meals are for anyone who’s looking to prioritize their health – together with TB12 we’re giving our customers the power to eat well in order to live better.”

Amber Lewis, Founder/CEO

TB12 Performance Meals are packed with healthy ingredients that can help reduce inflammation and support your fitness routine. Meals are shipped fully prepared and frozen to capture and preserve key nutrients and reduce food waste. They are also packed in sustainable, recyclable packaging so you can pollute less while you perform better. And as always, the meals are designed with flavor as a first principle. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Order your TB12 Performance Meals here, and share your pictures with us at @eatTGK on Instagram!

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