We get it.  Making the decision to trust someone with your food is a hard one and costs real money. We don't take that lightly and hope you don't either. So, why TGK? Well, we outlined what it takes to make our food so good, so convenient and, our service, so spectacular. Take a moment to read more about our process and what we provide - we think it will convince you that our meals are worth every penny.


Sustainable Sourcing

At The Good Kitchen, we believe that you are not only what you eat - you are what you eat, eats. That is, your fuel sources need to be bulletproof right down to the soil. We have cultivated relationships with farmers and purveyors to bring you real food.

Our meals include grass-fed and grass-finished beef, pastured pork, lamb and turkey and antibiotic- and hormone-free poultry and eggs from farms that we know and trust. The produce is organic (when it matters - see the Dirty Dozen list), GMO-free and raised as close to our kitchen as possible. All of our seafood items are SeaFood Watch compliant.

Knowing where our ingredients come from is important.

We like to take it a step further and prove our commitment to the environment by partnering with farms and farmers who utilize animal welfare standards and GAP certifications, as well as seek those who practice regenerative agriculture through partnerships with organizations like The Savory Institute. We are responsible for the health and vitality of the earth, not only for this generation, but generations to come.

We look at our ingredients with the same integrity as those we feed ourselves. This means we only want the best; for us and for you. No compromises, ever.

Want to see who we partner with?

Visit Our Sourcing Page
Visit Our Sourcing Page

Nutrition and Taste

While we strive to make eating well easy, we also seek to pursue flavor in our meals. Our chef artfully crafts the sustainably-sourced ingredients into delicious meals that are as tasty as they are nutritious.

The foods we put into our body are choices we make to not only satisfy hunger, but to improve ourselves physically, mentally, and even spiritually. When we eat healthier and more in line with our needs, our bodies react less to allergens and we feel better.


We want to eat as close to the Earth as possible; we use ingredients that can be grown and harvested seasonally. So, no, you are not going to eat okra and watermelon in the Fall. And, yes, we eat a lot of sweet potatoes in the winter.

Our meals are sourced seasonally to ensure variety and a closer connection the the origin of our ingredients. Food should be grown and raised. Not engineered. That is our promise and commitment.


Whether you are in the corporate world, chasing around toddlers, or studying for your master’s degree, we all lead busy, chaotic lives. Because of this, our bodies suffer from our “quick fixes” to hunger. Often, it looks like a doughnut at the office for your mid-afternoon sugar crash or the nearest drive-through for dinner because you really just “can’t" tonight.

We get it. We've been there. So, we made it simple.

Like, really simple.

At The Good Kitchen, we craft heat-and-eat delicious meals that are delivered to your door.

All you have to do is select a meal plan and choose the dishes you want from our seasonal, rotating menu; then, like magic, it is delivered right to your doorstep. From there, your meal is taken care of with just three minutes in the microwave - including clean-up.

Gone are the days of searching for recipes on Pinterest, cleaning up the dishes after a long day at work and meal prepping for the week. With a meal plan to fit any lifestyle and free shipping to your door...

There will be nothing
getting in the way of you
and your free time.

With all of this time on your hands, you can get back to doing the

things you love:


You get the idea. We're giving back time and energy so you can enjoy more of your life.


At The Good Kitchen, we are foodies, nature enthusiasts, fitness devotees, coaches, dog lovers, enjoyers of craft beer and so much more. We are real people who have real life experiences that brought us together.

Amber and Melissa started The Good Kitchen with a simple concept:

to make nutritious, delicious meals easily accessible to everyone.

They saw, firsthand, the importance of eating well in order to live better. For themselves and their families.

Five years ago, we began as a way to feed a small group of friends at our gym. Today, we provide nourishment for thousands of people around the country every week. As we grew (and continue to grow), we are guided by the same principles and commitments that started this company.

Customer Experience

From the time you arrive on our website to the moment you order your first meal, we want you to be as happy with your experience as we are serving you. We love our customers. And, we love talking to and hearing from you - you make our world go ‘round!

That is why your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we will always provide the most attentive and thorough service. We stand behind our product and our service fully, and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Team

Whether it is our farmers and purveyors or our staff members, we love the team that makes The Good Kitchen possible. They have put blood, sweat and tears into this company (**not in your food). They are committed every step of the way. From ensuring that your meals have sustainably sourced, delicious ingredients to inventing and launching new product lines that make nutritious, delicious meals accessible to everyone.

We like these people - a lot. Learn about them, here.


Our team is passionate about serving meals that transform lives and make you the best you - physically, mentally and spiritually. We only want the best.
For us. For you.

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