The Good Kitchen Story

We came to The Good Kitchen honestly. A personal journey to eat well and live better led us here. But then it became our mission to help others do the same, and now it’s our passion. Years of research went into The Good Kitchen–– we learned about what foods create optimum health, how to source ingredients with an eye toward ethics, sustainability and authentic relationships, and we learned how to make dynamic meals that nourish the body and satisfy the gourmet appetite. We learned, too, that eating well is difficult when you have an active and full life. Finding the time to plan meals, source ingredients, and prepare them is nearly a full-time job in itself. We’ve struggled with that very thing, and suspect that many of you have too. But eating well is necessary for good living, no matter how busy we are. The Good Kitchen eliminates the time-consuming to-do of meal planning, and connects you to the foods you want to eat with chef-driven meals, ready to heat-and-eat, delivered to your doorstep. We’ve taken great care to source the best ingredients from producers who meet our rigorous standards for ethics and sustainability. Then, we transform those ingredients into high-quality meals that entice, delight, and nourish the entire family. Conveniently. At The Good Kitchen, we believe in the power of good food and we make it our priority to help you live a life that’s well-fueled and well-fed.