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Seven Delicious
Whole30 Recipes


The Good Kitchen was created in honor of my mom. She was a fantastic cook with an arsenal of Southern recipes that she used to prepare meals for folks who found their way into her kitchen. Well, not really the recipe necessarily (she was a little guarded with the secrets to her fried chicken), but the end result - delicious meals full of flavor and hospitality. And she loved to share that food with guests around her table.

I began cooking meals and packing them for people when a friend from our gym asked for help during a Paleo challenge. She told a couple of other people in the challenge and soon I had a small circle of friends sharing in my meals. That close-knit group grew to the point where we launched a business around providing sustainably-sourced meals for more and more friends and friends of friends. Today, we serve deliciously-curated, fully-prepared meals across the entire United States. We help hundreds of people eat Paleo, Primal, ketogenic, AIP, and gluten free without the fuss of cooking and cleaning. We’ve loved seeing these members transform their lives through better nutrition.

This is how The Good Kitchen was founded - as an effort to feed people well, conveniently. So we thought we’d curate a few of our favorite recipes that showcase our seasonal flavors and hand-crafted approach to preparing delicious, nutritious, and hearty meals.

Amber Lewis
Founder, The Good Kitchen


The Good Kitchen began with a simple concept in mind: to make nutritious, healthy, and great tasting meals easily accessible to everyone. It’s a rather simple concept, borne out of our own life experiences, having seen firsthand the importance of eating well in order to live better. It’s what we want for ourselves, our families, and our friends.

Yet so many of us have so much on our plates these days that it becomes hard to prioritize everything.
No matter how busy we are, we shouldn’t have to compromise on nutrition. Finding organic, sustainable, and responsibly-sourced meals while balancing out life should be easy.

The Good Kitchen has made it easy to heat-and-eat delicious, high quality, prepared meals that can be delivered wherever and whenever you want them. Peace of mind included. We make sure our farmers and producers meet the highest ethical and sustainability standards. From there, we artfully craft all of the ingredients into delicious, chef-driven meals that are as tasty as they are healthy. All you have to do is heat, eat, and enjoy.

We give you back time and energy so you can enjoy more of your life. It’s the essence of what we do, and not just because it matters to you, but because we know how crowded life can become. Now everyone has the power to eat well in order to live better.


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