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Hellloooo Tampa

The Good Kitchennow ships from Tampa.

great news




We have a new home. In Tampa.

For the past 7 years (as TGK and as our preceding company, modPALEO), we have been orchestrating delicious and healthy recipes for our members. As we have grown, we have been able to introduce the demand for organic, grassfed and pastured products to large distributors, which in turn helps producers and increases availability of quality products to consumers. We have also begun working with production partners to “level up” their efforts to feed people better.

A fact we’ve come to understand: It’s hard to produce our meals at a larger scale. At some point, you just need more hands to create custom recipes with specific flavors and the best ingredients available. The good news is that there are partners out there that operate with volume in mind. It’s just a matter of finding one that works for you. Our intention is to disrupt the food category by sourcing quality ingredients in larger volume – providing grassfed, pastured, and organic producers greater access for their products. While feeding people well.

To produce larger quantities of food, you either have to build a facility for growth OR contract with a trusted partner that already has the capacity. We have chosen the latter. Our head chef, Brandon, works diligently with trained staff to execute our meals. We know that quality comes through in not only the ingredients themselves, but also in presentation (knife cuts, consistency of purees and unique flavors, visual plating appeal, etc).

We see this vision as a way to provide increased access to quality ingredients and meals for discerning palettes.

We are working with a partner in Tampa to produce our delicious meals according to TGK standards. Brandon is directing the production of our meals and sourcing ingredients against the same standards we’ve always maintained.

Why this is a good thing - the Cliffs notes:

  • Assuring consistency in flavor and quality
  • Better available sourcing with larger network of producers
  • Ability to reach a wider audience of hungry people with discerning palettes



What does this mean for you?

Not too much, honestly. Consult your tracking info once your order has shipped for accurate delivery information.



Are you changing brands? Was your company bought out?

Nope. It’s still us. TGK. But folks seem to ask this question from time to time. We’re just taking measures to provide our service to a wider audience, and want to make sure we’re delivering the best product possible - in line with our Mission: To change the way people think about food.



What about my food?

There will be zero change to the quality of your food. Same recipes, same thoughtful ingredients, same great taste delivered with care. There may be a few minor changes to packaging as we make this transition - but we will return to the same packaging you’re used to within a couple of weeks. All 100% recyclable. The quality of your food will remain the same. This is 100% engrained in our Mission: To change the way people think about food.



Thank you so much for being part of the growth and journey of The Good Kitchen. It is our goal to continue providing you the same great (delicious) service while constantly striving for improvement along the way. As always, feel free to reach out to our Membership Team with any questions or feedback you may have at (704) 800-3097 or!


Eat Well!
~ Amber Lewis



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