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Wine Without the Headache?!?!

Looking for wine to enjoy that's more in line with your health? Dry Farms Wines may just be the answer.

Your healthy home food delivery pairs perfectly with your favorite wine!We've been doing this a while, both personally and professionally. One of the frequent topics of concern is booze. What do you drink if you're trying to maintain this clean lifestyle? There's been a good deal written about gluten-free (and gluten-reduced) beer, hard cider and that trusty friend the NorCal Margarita... but what about wine? Red wine has long been touted as a go-to adult beverage in the paleo/primal crowd. I mean, hey, we like wine as much as the next person. But it still has some unwanted side effects (we're looking at you, Restless Nights and Dull Headaches).

We were recently introduced to Dry Farm Wines. Dry Farm sources wines from independent vintners and deliver straight to you. Their low alcohol wines are free of sugars, contain less than 75ppm sulfites and no mycotoxins. And – let's be honest with what we're looking for here – they are really delicious. Added beneficial side effect: No Sugar + Low Sulfites = No Headeache. We can definitely get behind that!

Robb Wolf recently did a podcast with Dry Farms owner Todd White which you can listen to here, where they discuss the wine industry, how wines are made and why dry farming and sustainability matter. Mark Sisson (of Mark's Daily Apple) has also touted these wines' benefits to his readers.

Check out Dry Farm Wines by following this link and take an additional bottle for only $0.01 with your order.

Hmmm... maybe we should work on some pairings...


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