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New and Improved Ordering Experience


At The Good Kitchen, we make a point to listen to our customers and make changes to always keep our service the best it can be. As such.... big changes have come to The Good Kitchen! We've launched a new platform to improve every. Single. Part. Of the TGK experience.


What can you look forward to seeing from the new and improved TGK? Gad you asked:




1) New delivery day(s) – Everyone receives meals on Wednesdays. And, depending on where exactly you live, you may be able to receive meals on Sundays, as well!


2) New ordering platform – With a new ordering platform, account management and meal selection is more streamlined than ever. You can add allergy preferences and skip up to 12 weeks in advance! 


3) Expanded menu – Variety is the spice of life and this has always been a focus for TGK. Look for new dishes and more options!


4) Weekly rotating seasonal menu – This is a 'plus one' on point 3 above. Not only are there more options, they will change seasonally for more-more options! Don't want you getting all bored with the menu. 


5) New packaging – You can find appropriate disposal details on your delivery box, ice packs, and liners.


6) Improved delivery rates* – Oh. My. Gosh. Most customers will see a decrease in delivery cost, however a small number of customers may see a slight increase in delivery rate.

*Based on overall delivery averages.



So, what are you waiting for? Hit this link to enter your zip and find out how we can best serve you!

Questions? Check our FAQs or email us at  

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