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CMO Carter Lewis on Fitibts, Push Notifications and opposable thumbs.



In an age where humans are becoming more like robots – wiring ourselves to Fitbits, counting steps, sleep-tracking apps, self-assist parking, treadmills, virtual reality and Push Notifications – it’s high time we take a sec and remember that we are human. Supreme physical specimens with the ability to rationalize, use logic and utilize our creative powers to invent and adapt. Not to mention opposable thumbs and an incredible range of motion in multiple joints.


Be human. Get outside. Move.


We are designed to be lazy. We’ve invented all the reasons we don’t NEED to exercise. Everything is easier. Technology has taken the lead. We’ve outsourced our responsibilities. So now, here we sit. It’s genetic, this laziness. Hell, it’s (de-)evolution!


The coach in me says, “Do it anyway. You need it.” While exercise may be less than 50% responsible for your total fitness and overall (physical) health, studies show being active stimulates the nervous system, triggers emotional well-being, reduces stress and improves sleep.


Hike, run, bike, swim, throw something, pick something up; push, pull, drag and climb. Left, right, up, down. Forwards, backwards. Jump, squat and sprint. Find something you like to do and do it. Find something you hate to do and do that occasionally, too.


Make it fun.

Read the research.

Read about the healthcare savings possibilities.

Watch an inspirational video. <<---- this


So yeah…  get after it.



*Carter Lewis is CMO of The Good Kitchen. He has opinions he’s not afraid to share. And his ideas – trust us – are his own.

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