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Fix these 5 Nutrition Mistakes That Accelerate Your Aging

Are you prematurely aging your body from the inside by making fundamental nutrition mistakes?



Think about your favorite photograph.


You have it inside your house, in a frame, behind glass. You can count on gazing at it for many years. You don’t worry about it fading or falling apart.


Now think about taking that photograph out of the frame. Go outside and throw it down in your driveway. Walk away.


How long would it take for the sun, the wind, and the rain to corrupt it?


You know that excessive sun exposure can prematurely age your body from the outside. But are you prematurely aging your body from the inside by making fundamental nutrition mistakes?



The Top 5 Nutrition Mistakes That Accelerate Your Aging 

  1. Not eating enough quality protein. Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass as we age. It can be up to 5% per year in sedentary people.  Eating too little protein can accelerate this process. Possible effects of sarcopenia include decreased muscle strength, problems with mobility, frailty, weak bones (osteoporosis), falls and fractures, decreased activity levels, diabetes, weight gain, and a loss of physical function and independence

  2. Not eating enough fiber. - Too little fiber in your diet can have adverse effects such as irregular digestion, elevated cholesterol, weight gain, and colorectal cancer.

  3. Eating too much starch and sugar. By now you know that too much bread, pasta, and sugar is bad for you. A diet high in rapidly absorbed carbohydrates and low in cereal fiber is associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. And don’t forget about AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products). Think of this as caramel in your bloodstream. Your body can make these when excess sugar in your bloodstream combines with proteins or fats in your blood vessels, muscles, and internal organs. AGEs accelerate your aging.

  4. Not getting enough omega-3s. You don’t want your body to outlast your mind. Low levels of Omega-3s have been linked to declines in fluid intelligence (capacity to reason).

  5. Too much Alcohol. An occasional glass of wine is OK, but chronic, excessive consumption can lead to liver damage and skin cancer.


How to Fix Each of These Five Mistakes

  1. Eat enough quality protein. Eat 25-30g of protein at each meal.

  2. Eat enough fiber. Increase your likelihood for successful aging. The Institute of Medicine recommends consuming 25-30g of fiber each day. To increase your fiber intake, eat more whole plant foods, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds.

  3. Control your refined starch and sugar intake. Minimize your raw sugar intake. Look for better options like fruit. Switch to vegetables like sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, cauliflower, and okra when in season.

  4. Consume adequate Omega 3s. The U.S. Institute of Medicine recommends 1.1 - 1.6g of Omega-3s per day.

  5. Moderate your alcohol consumption. Limit your intake to 1-2 servings per day.


Let The Good Kitchen Help You 

Do you need help implementing these as part of your nutrition regimen? Let The Good Kitchen help. Our meals are convenient, healthy, and sustainably sourced. Each meal averages 30g of protein, 6g of fiber, no refined carbohydrates or added sugar, and more Omega 3s than any other prepared meal. And don’t worry, they’re alcohol free.


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