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Our Response To The Recycling Crisis

Sustainable shipping in trying times.




In case you missed it, recycling is in a sorry state these days. A little more than a year ago, China banned the import of many plastics and mixed papers destined for the country’s recycling centers, which have handled nearly half of the world’s waste for well over two decades. 


The point? People keep throwing things in the recycling bin, but the majority of these items are ending up back in the waste stream since there’s nowhere to process them. 


This problem is reaching critical levels as “recyclable” trash piles up in local facilities.


We’re stepping up our game to do something about it. 


We launched The Good Kitchen to make it easier for people to eat food that is good for them and good for the planet. Food is the “main dish” in this equation, but it’s not the only thing that keeps our meal-deliveries mission aligned: 


The delivery part is key.  


We’re constantly evaluating our materials and processes to find fresh ways to reduce our environmental impact (no joke), and we just made a big breakthrough toward our minimal-waste mission!


You might notice something a little different about the look of your last delivery:


Those liners on the inside of your box? They’re designed to protect your meals and maintain chilly temps in transit. But they’re also FULLY recyclable at your curbside along with the usual suspects. By replacing other common insulators like styrofoam or plastic with corrugated cardboard, we’re making sure your delivery boxes don’t end up in a trash heap somewhere.


This seemingly simple shift makes a massive difference in what happens to your box after it’s done its duty and brought you your dinner.


We went all-in and picked the only certified recyclable box liners on the market, because we don’t mess around with our commitment to always be improving. We want every part of the experience to be in alignment with the mission we share with every one of you that decides to dine with us. 


Thanks for joining us on this journey. It’s way more fun with you around. 

To see the new shipping setup in person, order your Good eats here!


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