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Success Story Alan C.

Alan C. shares his success with our meal service in this testimonial


Here's a testimonial from our good friend Alan C. Alan likes to keep a low profile, so he asked that we respect his privacy by not including a photo (which we can certainly understand). Make no mistake, Alan is a real person. Below are his real results. In his own (real) words.





I am 53-year old male and am physically fit, but I have never paid much attention to nutrition and healthy eating habits. In fact, I used my high metabolism and activity level to offset really bad eating habits. I ran almost every day, and I knew that I could add miles to burn more calories if I wanted to eat more or eat worse. My diet was primarily meats, starches and desserts.


After years of running and cardio training, I realized that while I was in very good cardiovascular condition, I was losing strength and flexibility. In July (2017), I started doing CrossFit 4-5 days a week and saw some immediate improvements in my strength and flexibility. I also noticed that many of the people I met through CrossFit were focused on their nutrition and healthy eating.


About this same time, The Good Kitchen re-branded itself (ed. from modPALEO) and I heard Amber explain the philosophy behind TGK’s menu and food sourcing. In September, I began to alter my eating habits to increase the amount of protein and vegetables and to reduce carbs and refined sugars. My goal aligned well with TGK’s meal selection so I decided to give it a try.


I was immediately impressed with the variety of meals, the fresh-cooked flavor, and the ease of preparation on my end. Having the nutrition labels available for review while I was ordering my meals also meant that I could select the meals that best met my goals. I was hooked immediately. Suddenly, my lunches at the office were healthy, balanced hot meals that were the envy of my coworkers — a dramatic improvement from the fast-food, drive-through selection I had been eating. Three eggs for breakfast, a lunch from TGK, and a protein shake or bar would keep me full until dinner. Another TGK meal for dinner and an evening snack, and I was set.


After about 5 weeks of eating TGK meals for most of my lunches and dinners, and doing CrossFit 4-5 times a week, I had lost 4 pounds of body weight, gained 4.5 pounds of muscle mass, and dropped my body fat from 21% to 15%. (My goal had been to get my body fat down to 18% - 19%, so I was really surprised when I got even better results.)


I couldn’t have done it without TGK. The menu had me trying some vegetables I wasn’t familiar with – and others I didn’t think I would like – and I enjoyed them all. The serving sizes are reasonable and keep me from eating too much. I am continuing with the TGK meals and CrossFit because I like the improvements in my health and how I feel. I just had to try the meals to realize how easy and delicious they are.




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