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The Perfect Meal Cheat Sheet

Use this simple, step-by-step guide to make YOUR perfect meal.

Inside You'll Learn:

Perfect Points: The right ingredients to stay 100% Whole Life Challenge compliant at each meal.

Perfect Portions: The perfect serving size for your goals, without counting calories or weighing food.

Perfect Tool: You'll laugh at this simple (and free) tool that makes it quick and easy to determine your perfect portion sizes.

Perfect Progress: Learn how to adjust your meals to keep your fitness and body composition goals on track.

Amber Lewis: Co-Founder & CEO, The Good Kitchen

"Quality, sustainable sourcing is my passion. I'm excited to partner with the Whole Life Challenge since they place such an emphasis on putting quality food into our bodies.

I'm excited to share with you this simple framework that I've used for years to assemble quality ingredients into healthy, delicious meals (no weighing or measuring required).

Download these guides and post them in your kitchen...they're handy and they work!"

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