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RE: Internal 360 Performance Review

It hit me that we're turning 5 and... really, how far we've come. And what's "coming down the pike." Enter The Good Kitchen.

High five for our paleo-friendly meal delivery service!

"Where the rubber hits the road."

"Firing on all cylinders."

"It takes a village."

"Hitting our stride."

So many “corporate” jargon quotes coming out of a wonderful couple of meetings this week. We are set for some great advancements in how we help people think about food. And we couldn’t be more proud of the team we have in place.

In the coming weeks, we plan to highlight our employees, our purveyors and our customers as we look inward, while giving thanks for the 5 years (!) we have been able to provide delicious AND nutritious meals to so many people. That’s right – we are turning FIVE as of December 2016. Over the years we have grown and expanded, bobbed and weaved, with a lot of ups and a few downs, all the while maintaining the very base of what we do.

In the coming months, you will see some great additions to – and streamlining of – our service. And none of it would be possible without our great staff, purveyors and of course… our customers.

More to come, but we are all so stoked at the opportunities that lie ahead!


*PS - yes, that's actually us in the photo above. Tayler and Nicole display their signature high five.


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