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Are Prepared Meals Healthy?

If you don’t have time to cook, that doesn’t mean you must eat fast food or convenience food. Start eating right with a healthy prepared meal delivery service!

Are prepared meals healthy?



There was a time when mothers ruled the kitchen, and everyone sat down for a meal and enjoyed some conversation with family over lunch or dinner. However, this isn’t the case with a lot of people today.


People’s fast-paced lifestyles or simply the fact that everyone is preoccupied with one thing or another has made it quite challenging to plan meals, shop for ingredients, and prepare and cook a proper meal.


Because of this, prepared meal delivery has become one of the most popular ways to eat hot, delicious, and nutritious food. But then again, the taste and health of the food depend on where you’re getting it from because all prepared meal delivery services are not created equal.


But, are prepared meals healthy?


Our answer: They can be. It all depends on where you’re getting your meals.


Prepared Meal Delivery

So, if you’re a little unsure about your prepared meal delivery service and are worried about not getting enough nutrients from the food you’re eating, then you’re in the right place.


Here, we’ll talk about the different convenience food options and how you can make each meal more exciting and nutritious.

Types of Prepared Meal Delivery Services

When it comes to prepared meal delivery services, they generally fall under one of two categories:

  • Ready-to-cook ingredients: One of the most time-consuming aspects of cooking a meal is preparing the various ingredients for the dish. For example, if you’re planning on making a chicken and vegetable soup, this type of meal delivery service would provide all the ingredients, pre-cut and cleaned, ready for you to cook whenever you want.
  • Heat-and-eat meals: Many prepared meal delivery services provide heat-and-eat meals handed directly to you at your home. This is usually the preferred meal delivery service because it allows for the speed and convenience many people want. The service often comes in the form of a subscription. If you sign up for one, the provider will ensure that all meals they deliver to you are freshly prepared and tailored to meet your taste or ingredient preferences, caloric intake, and portion control standards.


Home Delivery Prepared Meals

So, to avoid reaching for what could be a high-fat, high-sodium, and sugary frozen dinner in your freezer, it might work to your advantage to reach out to healthy prepared meal delivery services like The Good Kitchen.

What Are the Healthiest Prepared Meals?

In general, home-cooked meals tend to be superior in terms of their overall nutritional profile. But again, not everyone today has the luxury of time to buy, prepare and cook meals.


The next best thing would be healthy prepared meal delivery services.


In our book (not literally, maybe one day...), the healthiest prepared meals are:

  • Nutritionally complete: The food your chosen prepared meal delivery service provides should ideally have a balanced combination of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fiber, healthy fats, etc.) and macros to meet some if not all of your daily requirements.
  • Fresh and sustainably sourced: Reputable, healthy prepared meal delivery services usually include only farm-fresh produce in preparing your food. Food at the peak of freshness is tasty and more nutritious. In addition, when the produce the meal provider uses is sustainably sourced or raised, you know that what you’re eating does not contain any toxins or chemical byproducts from fertilizers and pesticides used in conventional farming.
  • Portioned properly: One of the pitfalls of modern-day eating is that a lot of the food served – whether it’s in fast-food and casual dining restaurants or frozen dinners – is usually made for more than just one person. This means that if you get a 500-gram frozen casserole and heat it in a microwave oven and eat all of it, you might be consuming a two-serving dish. This could be problematic if you’re trying to control your weight. So, to ensure you don’t overeat, check with your meal provider and let them know you specifically want one-person servings only. You can also adjust serving sizes based on your preferences.
  • Delicious and satisfying: Food should be appetizing to you – the consumer – so you can enjoy it and feel satisfied after finishing your meal. You won’t feel the need to reach out for a bag of chips or ice cream to experience a sense of contentment after a meal.

Fresh, Healthy, and Delicious Prepared Meals by The Good Kitchen

Prepared Meals from The Good Kitchen

It would be nice if we could all sit down and enjoy healthy home-cooked meals every day.


If you’re always pressed for time or want to simplify your life, the best thing would be to go for a healthy prepared meal delivery service like The Good Kitchen.


Here at The Good Kitchen, our goal is to provide each customer with fresh, healthy, and delicious meals that are balanced, correctly portioned, and ultimately satisfying.

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