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Testimonial: Bo Liu and Organic/Nuclear Plants

Bo Liu shares his love for our meal delivery service while traveling for work. We follow him wherever he goes.


Bo works with different plants than we do. And we ship our plants to his when he travels.





My work requires me to travel often and for long periods of time, 4-8 weeks at a time, 2-3 times a year. I support nuclear power plants all over the country and eating healthy while away from home can be difficult. I found out quickly that when you’re living out of a hotel without a kitchen or sensible means of preparing food, I am only left with two options for food: MSG and artificial preservative-laden frozen section of the grocery store, or eating out for every meal. Amber and Carter have created a third option, the best option, The Good Kitchen! The Good Kitchen has been my solution to eliminate the issue of finding healthy food while I’m traveling and working at site.
Nuclear power plants aren't typically located in the most glamorous places and are typically in remote locations. The choices for food are limited and eating heathy is just wishful thinking. Sometimes, there’s a cafeteria at site, however, I think my 5th grade cafeteria had better options. I'm pretty certain I would starve to death if it weren't for TGK.
Traveling from the hotel to site can be close to an hour in some places. In addition, work days are normally 12-13 hours every day. With that, it doesn’t leave a lot of time after work to eat, sleep and maybe squeeze in a workout. The Good Kitchen meals are quick, ready to heat and eat. During the day (or night) on the turbine deck, crews usually work a staggered break schedule and with 100 different things that require your attention. A "lunch" break is a mythical thing. Having a prepped meal ready to go is time saving and efficient. The Good Kitchen takes the thinking out preparing and finding food for my lunches and dinners.

With limited food options and limited time, I rely on The Good Kitchen for my meals each day when I’m traveling for work. The crew at TGK is friendly and super responsive to changing needs while on the road. Making changes to weekly subscriptions is simple. I frequently have to change the delivery address each week and their Member Success team makes sure that there’s no interruption or delays in deliciousness. They have always pulled through for me, even with last minute requests and changes. TGK is a tremendous time saver and provides healthy eating options when I’m on the road! Let the wonderful people at The Good Kitchen show you how great they are!




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