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Changes to Our Ordering Process

Beginning November 27th, we are incorporating some time-saving changes to our meal service.


At The Good Kitchen, we make a point to listen to our customers and make changes to always keep our service the best it can be. Beginning the week of November 27th, The Good Kitchen will be making some adjustments to our meal selection process and how recurring charges are handled each week.




1) MORE TIME TO CHOOSE – We are pushing our meal selection deadline back to Friday at noon EST(hint: Monday and Thursday provide the best varieties)


2) CONTROL WHEN YOU ARE CHARGED – Each recurring order will process (charge) as soon as you make your meal selection for the week. 


3) WHAT IF YOU DON'T SELECT YOUR MEALS? – That's OK! If you don't make the meal selection deadline, or prefer to have us select on your behalf, your order will process at noon on Friday. Our Fulfillment team will make selections for you based on what's fresh and good that week.


4) KEEPING YOUR INBOX CLEAN – You will now only receive ONE reminder email each week – on Monday.



Our Customer Advocacy team is ready to answer any questions you may have about these changes.
Contact us at 704-800-3097 or via email at  
Thanks for letting us serve you and eat well!

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