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Choosing a Prepared Meal Service That Meets Your Dietary Needs

If you are often too busy to prepare family meals, how do you choose a meal delivery service that fits your diet? What factors do you need to consider?



You may have committed to a healthier lifestyle and will do whatever it takes to eat well every day. However, it is not always easy to find the time to prepare healthy meals at home, and if you are not an accomplished chef, you may not know where to start in any case. You would love to learn how to cook, but once again, time may be tight, and you may not have the capacity to identify and then secure all the ingredients. You should consider a prepared meal service in this situation, but how do you choose from the vast array of options? Can you ensure that these companies meet your dietary requirements for Paleo, keto, or Whole30 meal delivery?

Avoiding the Junk Food

When time is of the essence, it is incredible how many people choose the easy option, often involving junk food. They may decide to stock up on cans, boxes, or frozen off-the-shelf packets, which may not be the healthiest options. They may also forego preparation altogether and order a greasy take-out. This can happen all too often during a busy week, which can have disastrous implications for the diet in the long term.

The Importance of Routine

In this case, it is much better to order healthy meals at the start of a given week. As they will be delivered, there is a much greater chance that you will actually eat them after all. You can avoid many pitfalls you may encounter if you head down a grocery aisle when you're hungry and would be far less likely to buy sugary or salty snacks instead.

Options Abound

There are many different meal delivery services available and, thankfully, options that are focused on a particular type of diet. They typically come in predetermined sizes with all the ingredients measured carefully, so you don't need to worry when choosing your Paleo meal delivery, for example. You'll know how many calories to find in each meal and can be sure that the ingredients will be carefully chosen according to your particular dietary need.

Some people think that meal delivery services only offer full main courses, but you can also find a variety of different breakfast items, grain meals, fresh salads, and other options tailored to your dietary need. Your service provides extensive detail to give you all the nutritional information you need before buying.

How to Choose Your Meal Delivery Service

So, what factors should you consider before you choose your ideal prepared meal service?

1. Solutions

To start, choose what type of service you require. Do you want fully prepared meals delivered refrigerated or frozen and ready to be reheated? Or do you want a service that provides you with pre-measured ingredients and a recipe card, so you don't need to worry about shopping but can prepare the meals yourself? As mentioned, some services may only provide you with a "main course" dinner option. Others could include drinks, snacks, sauces, and other "add-ons," as well as side salads.

2. Options

You'll be delighted to hear that some excellent meal delivery services like The Good Kitchen will cater to various dietary needs and preferences. For example, you may be allergic to gluten and will want to choose a certified gluten-free company that produces food in a gluten-free kitchen. You may want to eat organic produce exclusively and select a service that sources the food responsibly.

Other modern-day diets are well catered for as well, which is perfect if you're looking for keto meal delivery. If you're following a Whole30 diet plan, you will already understand that this diet can be quite restrictive and that it may be challenging to prepare meals that follow such a rigid process. The Good Kitchen has your needs covered here, with Whole30 meal delivery options for you.

3. Variety

Look carefully at your provider to ensure that they will give you the variety you crave, or you're less likely to stick to your diet or meal delivery service. You'll want to ensure that the menu rotates, with seasonal items or other weekly specials as needed. Also, look for variety within the ingredient list, with unique spices or herbs and a creative approach to preparation.

4. Nutrition

The best meal delivery services will take the subject of nutrition very seriously, which is especially important if you have to watch your blood sugar levels or manage your weight carefully. Whatever your goal and requirement, ensure that your meal delivery service provides you with a perfect mix of nutrient-dense ingredients and provides all the detailed information before you order. Some companies like The Good Kitchen also offer a line of high-protein "performance" meals.

5. Portions and Sizes

Some people just need a certain amount of help with meal preparation, while others may want to order everything online. Check to see what each service offers in terms of portion size and how many servings are included within each box. This will enable you to balance your order according to the size of your household.

6. Sustainability

This subject is so important today, so choose your provider carefully. Make sure that the materials and processes used are environmentally friendly with minimum waste. For example, green cell foam is one way to package and ship products sustainably, as it's a compostable material made from corn. It can be dissolved in a sink under running water, so it will literally disappear before your eyes. 

Are Prepared Meal Services Worth It?

You will need to look at more than simply cost to answer this question. Certainly, you can consider the price of each package together with shipping, but remember that you can save the time involved in shopping, along with petrol costs, parking, etc. The service provider will also have done a lot of the heavy lifting for you in sourcing ingredients, adding the right quantities, and preparing food that is "just right."

Making Your Choice

So, as you do your research, look at the key factors such as variety, quality, nutritional value, dietary conformity, availability, and reputation. Check out The Good Kitchen, where you can get your fully prepared meals delivered and enjoy food from the farm to your table in 4 minutes.

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