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Spinach Pecan Pesto

TGK Mother Sauces: Spinach Pecan Pesto

What are Mother Sauces?

"Mother Sauces" is a culinary term based on 5 classical French Base Sauces, to which most other sauces are derived. Here at The Good Kitchen we have created 5 of our own. Let's look at this Spinach Pecan Pesto.

"The five French mother sauces are béchamel, velouté, espagnole, hollandaise, and tomato.

Developed in the 19th century by French chef Auguste Escoffier, mother sauces serve as a starting point for a variety of delicious sauces used to complement countless dishes, including veggies, fish, meat, casseroles, and pastas."

~ Healthline

Spinach Pecan Pesto is a blend of olive oil, spinach, nuts and herbs that pairs well with grilled or roasted seafood and chicken dishes, as well as pasta, rice or grain salads. It's also great to have in the fridge to add quick herbal flavor to any dish.

  • Add some cheese for a non dairy-free version
  • Add some aleppo chile to spice it up or puree in some fresh jalapenos
  • Use different soft leaf herbs (parsley, basil, sage, tarragon, cilantro) or nuts
  • Add lime juice and create a zesty chimichurri
  • Add chopped egg, mustard and lemon for a classic French Gribiche as a dip or sauce
  • Add flavorings you like. Mother sauces are a base. Be creative, use what you have in the refrigerator. You're the chef!

Spinach Pecan Pesto

Yields 8 oz


  • 1.5 Cups Olive oil 
  • 6.5 Cups Spinach 
  • 8 Cups Basil, fresh 
  • 1 Cup Pecans, toasted and chopped
  • .25 Cup Garlic, whole clove peeled and minced
  • 1 tsp Lemon juice
  • Pinch Coriander, ground
  • 1 TBSP Sea salt
  • Pinch Black pepper
  • 1 TBSP Lemon zest


  • Add all ingredients, except the oil and pecans, to the blender and pulse to break down ingredients.
  • Slowly drizzle oil into the blender while the blender is running.
  • Process until smooth.
  • Fold in pecans. Pulse for texture but don’t run until smooth.

Written By: Carter Lewis

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