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TGK's Spring Menus has Arrived!

Fresh, meet filling.


The heavy blanket of winter is finally lifting. You can feel it the second you step out the door: the air seems lighter – fresher somehow – and charged with energy. New crops are flooding fields and filling our chefs up with culinary creativity.


Trust us – there’s no way we would let any of that inspiration go to waste.


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We’ve harnessed all of this energy to craft our new spring menu, which embodies our belief that “fresh” and “filling” can and should coexist. By combining bright herbs, responsibly sourced proteins, and flavors inspired by local traditions from around the world, we think you’ll find everything you’re looking for in this lineup, all without having to stress over meal planning or deal with the hassle of grocery runs and dirty kitchens.

In line with our deep commitment to optimal nutrition, sustainability, and a just food system, each meal is designed to support your health and the health of the soil, animals, and farm communities that make it all possible.  

You can check out a few of our chef’s favorite dishes below, or [CLICK HERE] to see what's on this week's menu!



Traditional Chicken Salad


This paleo and keto-friendly dish is a masterpiece of fresh flavors and complementary textures. We pair organic, free-range chicken with crunchy walnuts for maximum brain function; creamy, zesty sauce for staying power; and a kick of natural, Granny Smith sweetness just because it’s delicious. You’re welcome for the not-sad desk lunch.


Roasted Salmon with Spring Vegetable Medley


We make use of spring’s bounty in this fresh, energizing meal, bringing you Seafood Watch-approved salmon from the crystal waters of Chile and vitamin-loaded veggies from our favorite farmers back stateside – all carefully prepared to highlight the full flavor of nature’s handiwork.


Thai Pork Bowl


We really depleted the herb garden for this one, complementing the enticing umami of pork and shitake mushrooms with a fresh touch of mint, basil, ginger, and garlic, adding just enough jalapeño to the mix to light up your tastebuds.


Barbacoa with Rice and Black Beans


Perfect for a post-workout meal, our unbelievably tender beef barbacoa is a protein-packed homage to Caribbean beach barbecues. We don’t take any shortcuts, letting the beef cook for a full 10 hours before serving it up with a side of rice and beans that get an extra kick from salsa verde, peppers, cumin, and chili powder.



See all the springtime options on tap THIS WEEK, and start planning how you’ll spend your new free time!


Use code 'SpringMenu2019' to receive 15% off your next order! 

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