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We are... The Good Kitchen

New and improved for 2017. modPALEO is now The Good Kitchen. We're excited and you should be too.

From Amber Lewis – CEO / Co-Owner:

Learn how to make fresh meals delivered part of your New Year's resolution.We are always asking ourselves, "How can we be better?" IN mid-2016 we began to really dive into this question. We brought on a few new business partners and started having more in-depth conversations. Real conversations about serving our customers better, opening our delivery footprint to serve more customers and while we’re at it… how about a new look and... oh, what about a new name?! Something that really captures being BETTER. Enter, The Good Kitchen. This all seemed overwhelming at first, but we like a little challenge. So we wanted to make it happen by 2017.

We have the same mission and vision, we’ve just spiffed up our service and ourselves a little bit. We could not have gotten here without our amazing community in Charlotte, NC, and the Southeast, our existing customers far and wide, and last but certainly not least, our amazing staff. Please check out their stories on the About Us page. These people have a passion to serve you healthy food like none other. So check us out. See what we've done with the place. We hope you like our new brand. We know you’ll like the new service!

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