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This is Who We Are

This is who we are. The Good Kitchen. We stand for health and quality of life.

Learn more about who we are and our healthy food delivery service.

We are…
     Nature enthusiasts,
     Fitness devotees,
     Dog lovers,
     and enjoyers of craft beer.

We are not scientists.

We are people who have a passion about food – good food. And over the past 5+ years, that passion has become the foundation of our company, The Good Kitchen.

We are on a mission to not only feed you delicious goodness, but to spread knowledge as well – the knowledge that whole, real, and sustainable foods are the best choices for our health, and the health of the environment.

We are believers that clean eating improves overall health and wellness.

Numerous studies (please visit Mark's Daily Apple, Chris Kresser, and Robb Wolf) have shown that eating better food translates into marked health improvements. But we don’t need a study to tell us what we have already seen first-hand. Through our own personal trial and error, and that of our clients, we have seen some amazing results - weight loss, improved blood panels, better quality sleep, more energy, and the alleviation of symptoms from chronic diseases.

You see, we understand that advancements in science have made it possible to develop processed foods with extended shelf lives that are “safe” to eat. But just because you can eat something, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. And certainly doesn’t mean that it's good for your overall health.

We are athletes with performance goals.

While many hop aboard the paleo train with weight loss goals, they are pleasantly surprised to find that improved fitness levels are a side effect as well. Those who follow a measurement based fitness program (like CrossFit, weightlifting, running, etc.) will find that once they make the transition to eating quality, whole foods, their numbers improve.

As it turns out, the old adage, “you can’t outperform a bad diet” is completely true!

We are supporters of the environment.

At TGK all of our ingredients are sourced responsibly from farmers who share in our beliefs of ethical and sustainable farming. The produce we use is organic and seasonal; all of our beef and pork are grass-fed, grass-finished and pasture-raised, and chicken is antibiotic free and hormone free.

Sustainable farming enhances our environment by ensuring the availability of these natural resources for generations to come. Supporting these farms is good for the animals, good for the farmers, and good for our economy. In short, you can feel good about where your meals come from.

So no, we’re not scientists. But we are purveyors of quality food and promoters of fitness and good health.


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